lunes, 24 de junio de 2013

Depilación Púbica (Pubic hair removal)

Pubic Hair Removal

Fashion?, Need or hygiene?

Each one will have a special reason to shave, shave or trim their pubic hair, including males, however, going even further, Usually the idea of ​​plucking pubic area begins to haunt her head when summer approaches and have the opportunity to wear a swimsuit spectacular beach. Then it happens that we repair in the art to use and contemplate which we used to remove facial hair and / or the armpits and legs.

From one year to the date pubic hair shave has become extremely popular, and it responds to various causes, among which may be mentioned the changing trends in fashion swimwear, as the designs are becoming more sexy and low-cut, and less material used in their manufacture, which gives the opportunity to appear as skin area did not before.

Another idea that comes hand in hand with the previous one, is the aesthetic, since as with the underarm hair or slightly covering the face or legs, pubic hair grown for many people denotes poor hygiene, neglect, poor cleaning and looks unsightly.

One more reason which justifies that many women continue doing so even away the summer period, it has resulted in a further incentive relationship, a touch of sensuality in an intimate encounter that incites male and breaks the monotony in the sexual sense. This, even scientifically correct, since it has been found that in the pubic area apocryphal sweat glands are located (also found in the armpits) that generate so-called "love hormone" or pheromones, the same who travel the air and transmit signals depilacion pubica that incite sexual partner.
Note that these hormones have no scent whatsoever and which are registered by the sense of smell, but by small organ inside the nose, which functions as a receiver and is connected directly to the hypothalamus portion of the brain responsible for controlling certain emotions, including sex, in short, little or no pubic hair gives way to pheromones.

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